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We are dedicated to preventing and mitigating childhood trauma while fostering equity and building community resilience.

Arika Trimnell, MPH
Arika Trimnell, MPH

Executive Director of Prism Lite




Our program and tools help improve the lives of children, their families, and their communities.

Prism Lite provides, tools, resources, and training facilitation, to families, communities,  corporations, healthcare, criminal justice, and educational institutions to build a community of resilience. 
We aim to provide an evidence-based approach to preventing and mitigating the long-term effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE). We connect children to their inner power by promoting environments that empower children to transcend limitations.

Our tools help improve the lives of children, their families, and their communities.



We focus on creating environments that support the whole child through building community resiliency to prevent and mitigate the adverse outcomes of childhood trauma. We foster equity through cross-sector, multilevel collaboration among community sectors and key stakeholders. Prism Lite program is a trauma-informed program for families, businesses, faith-based centers, and communities to build resilience and their own sense of worth by centering themselves.

We provide trauma-informed programming so that people who have experienced significant adversity can heal from those traumas. We work with families, businesses, and communities to prevent the cycle of childhood trauma by teaching skills they need to be healthy, safe, secure, and whole. We believe adults serve as a means of capacity building for the network of support for the one in four children who have experienced ACEs in North Carolina.

Grounding our Advocacy in Equity Through Holistic Perspectives on Positive and Adverse Childhood Experiences

We teach local communities how to build their resiliency capacity on a local level to mitigate the adverse outcomes of childhood trauma.
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We inform local businesses, corporations, healthcare providers, and criminal justice organizations on how to adopt trauma-informed prevention policies and methods.​
We provide training for parents and caregivers on how they can identify and mitigate ACEs in their homes.
We partner with schools systems to provide mitgation and prevention tactics.
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We partner with faith-based organizations to help build resilience in the communities.
We specialize in advocacy to help systems build trauma-informed environments.

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