Why Donate?

As a registered 501(c)(3) organization, your donations go directly towards our programs and our mission helping to empower, support, and inspire children to build resiliency by acknowledging their inner power.

get involved - Volunteerism

We believe that time is our most valuable resource, and since it takes a village to help support our growth and inspire sustainable change, we welcome all talents in support our of vision and mission.

Monthly Donations

When you set up recurring monthly donations, you are coveying your commitment to improving the lives of millions of children globally. Your donation is your pledge to change, making you a Prism Lite ally and a change maker for future generations. You can adjust your monthly donation preferences, or cancel at any time. Your monthly donations are tax-deductible.

one-time donations

Donations are an impactful way for you to convey your commitment to our mission and vision, Prism Lite, ensuring children everywhere will harness their inner power to transcend limitations and create their future. Our Mindfulness-based programs aim to build children’s resilience capacity by uncovering their inner power, preventing and mitigating childhood trauma while fostering equity, and building community resilience through a spiritual lens.